Sasha Burdin is an experienced piano teacher and music educator.

He was a Piano Teaching Assistant (2010-2012) and Jazz Studies Teaching Assistant (2015-2016) at the School of Music of the University of Iowa. He held a piano faculty positions at Iowa Wesleyan University, Mt. Pleasant, IA (2013-2016), and Indian Hills Community College, Ottumwa, IA (2014-2017).

In August 2017 Sasha joined the faculty at Pacific Piano School, Russian School of Music in San Jose, CA,

Throughout his teaching career, he worked with students of different ages and backgrounds. Here are some of the students’ reactions after studying with Mr. Burdin:

“Not only lessons are applicable to piano but
other areas of use, both inside and outside

“The piano lessons go so in depth! And he has
taught me many new things in music”

Teaching Philosophy

I firmly believe, that regular piano studies help with a balanced and harmonious development of a human being. It stimulates imagination, analytical skills, logical thinking, concentration, physical awareness and coordination, emotional intelligence and many other aspects.
My main goal - to encourage students’ creativity by working on the core musical skills.

In my method I propose learning through playing, hearing oneself, practical use of the elements of music language, legato and cantilena, principle of “singing on the piano”, attention to the emotional and dramatic content of each piece, sensitivity to a musical phrase, ability to see a big picture, careful preparation and execution of all the the details of a musical piece, physical comfort, economy of the movement, healthy practice habits.

In my lessons students also exercise in improvisation, transcription, in-depth listening, and comprehensive self- review sessions."