Chamber Music Night: Colors of Spring - March 23

Our piano + violin duo is back!!! It has been 6 years since our last full recital. We are happy to announce, that we will be performing a chamber music recital on Mar 23.

The bay area based musicians - Sasha Burdin and Leo Iogansen in their chamber recital will present a program "Colors of Spring," which includes two Romantic masterpieces sonatas by J.Brahms and C.Franck, and "Adios Nonino" by A. Piazzolla

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Sasha is a concert pianist originally from Russia, who is actively pursuing his musical career as a classical musician, and a Jazz bandleader. He is also a scholar whose research focuses on the 20th century Russian composer, Nikolai Medtner. His album, “Ich denke dein”, features Medtner’s songs and chamber works and was recently released from Albany Records. 

Leo is an award-winning violinist/composer, also originally from Russia. His activities as composer, and violinist are closely interconnected. As a composer, He is fascinated by Asian cultures, especially Chinese traditional music, and incorporates these ideas into his work. As a violinist, he has performed in various venues in the US, including Carnegie Hall. 

J. Brahms - First sonata for piano and violin, op.78.
C. Franck - Sonata for piano and violin
A.Piazzolla - Riverado

General Admission: $32
Students/Seniors/Children (up to 18 y.o.): $22
SCU students and faculty with ID: free admission

Leo Iogansen, violin 
Sasha Burdin, piano

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ICH DENKE DEIN - My New CD, recorded in collaboration with Rachel Joselson and Scott Conklin released on January 1 2019

The  CD “Ich denke dein” recorded in collaboration with Rachel Joselson and Scott Conklin is now available on Spotify, iTunes and
Songs and Chamber works by Nikolai Medtner. As far as I know, it is the first release, featuring the entire set of 12 Goethelieder Op.15. The CD also includes a piece in a unique genre, Sonata-Vocalize, Op. 41 I. It is one- movement sonata with proper exposition, development and recapitulation and coda.  The uniqueness of this piece is that it is the only sonata in history written for piano and voice. Canzona and Danza for piano and Violin Op.43 II, is also featured on CD. Winterabend, Op. 13 No. 1 is the last track on the Cd, written on Pushkin poem «Winterabend». This song in many ways was my inspiration for accomplishing the entire project.

CD “Ich denke dein”, записанный совместно с Рейчел Джоселсон и Скоттом Конклином сейчас доступен на Амазоне, iTunes и Spotify. В диск вошли Вокальные и камерные произведения Николая Метнера. Насколько я знаю, это первый релиз включающий полный Цикл из 12 песен на стихи Гёте op.15 Компакт диск ещё включает уникальное произведение - Сонату-Вокализ, Op.41 I. Это полноценная одночастная соната с надлежащей экспозицией, разработкой, репризой и кодой. Уникальность этого произведения в том что это единственная в истории соната, написанная для голоса и фортепиано. Канцона и Танец Op. 41 II для скрипки и фортепиано тоже вошли в компакт диск. Заключительный трек на диске - «Зимний Вечер» Op.13 No.1 на стихи А. Пушкина. Это произведение в своё время вдохновило меня на этот проект.

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